Tilman Hoppstock

Bachs Lute Works... Vol. 1 - Suites BWV 995/996



Bachs Lute Works from the Guitarists Perspective

Vol. 1  -  Suites BWV 995/996


This is the fundamental work by guitarist and cellist T. Hoppstock, who analyses Bachs luteworks from a new particular perspective. Many different aspects as like harmony, melodics, structure, polyphony, tempo relations, articulation, problems of transcription, questions about fingerings and much more have been specified in an accessible way (among others all 19 complete editions of Bachs luteworks for guitar). 


  • 500 music examples in print
  • CD with 99 tracks
  • The new discovered Gerber manuscript as facsimile
  • Preface by Gustav Leonhardt


330 pages, cloth-bound, with silver blocking

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price: 65.- EUR

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Probeausdruck + Errata

Vol. 1 - BWV 995/996 english
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