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Bach´s Lute Works... Vol. 2 - BWV 998/999/1000



Bachs Luteworks from the Guitarists Perspective

Vol. 2  -  BWV 998/999/1000


Following the publication of Volume I the author originally prescribed himself an extended writing break. Numerous enquiries by lutenists, guitarists, colleagues, students and also from many Bach enthusiasts requesting a continuation of the series in the near future however persuaded the writer to commence work on the second volume earlier than intended. As in Volume I, the author investigates Bachs lute works Prelude, Fugue & Allegro BWV 998, Prelude 999 and the famous Fugue 1000 from multifaceted and frequently unconventional aspects. The book also has a special focus on the topic of polyphony, including sections on concealed fugue themes and virtual polyphony, and beginning with a short introduction on the history of the fugue. The author serves up a humorous delicacy in a separate chapter to round off the book. As in Vol. 1 a wealth of concepts and theories are illustrated aurally with the help of the 99 musical extracts on the accompanying CD.


  • 500 music examples in print
  • CD with 99 tracks, music examples
  • Preface by Hopkinson Smith


336 pages, cloth-bound, with gold blocking

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Vol. 2 - BWV 998-1000 English
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